You can hide or show as you want both drives in your computer and drives in the computer network. This way can be safe for data in your computer and prevent others from accessing to your drives that may contain important information.
To hide the drive..follow the steps..

- Go to RUN and type regedit and click OK.

- Find the path :

- Right click on the Explorer folder and select New > DWORD Value.Name the registry NoDrives.

- Double click on NoDrives which is in the right page.In the DWORD Value window, select Decimal.

- In this case if we want to hide drive D,fill 8 in Value data. The number you filled varies with drive you want it to be hidden. If you want to hide the other drives, you must put the drive-related number.The numbers for the particular drives is given below..

A=1, B=2, C=4, D=8, E=16, F=32, G=64, H=128, I=256, J=512, K=1024, L=2048, M=4096, N=8192, O=16384, P=32768, Q=65536, R=131072, S=262144, T=524288, U=1048576, V=2097152, W=4194304, X=8388608, Y=16777216, Z=33554432, All drive=67108863

- If we want to hide only selected number of drives..we can hide it.For eg : If we want to hide the drives C and E put the result number of 4 + 16 that is 20.

- Click OK button and close the Registry Editor program.Restart ur system. DONE!!!..


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