This is an very easy method to embed pdf files,audio files,powerpoint presentations ,word documents in your blog ..

Create a free account at Scribd is a site which lets you publish and share your files online. You can publish, convert, embed, analyze, and read documents using their custom Flash document viewer. Upload your file there and in the sidebar you will get the code under Embed. Copy and paste the code in Edit Html tab of post viewer. If you want to resize the presentation click the 'advanced' link to customize the height and width.

Below is a embedded pdf file ..

Embedded powerpoint slides ..

Embedded word file ..

After uploading your file to Scribd click the download link in the sidebar and choose whatever option : pdf, doc, powerpoint etc. The file is downloaded in that format.

You can upload Word (.doc), PDF (.pdf), text (.txt), PowerPoint (.ppt), Excel (.xls), Postscript (.ps), or LIT (.lit) file and even MP3 podcasts to Scribd containing information about your blog. You can tag these files with relevant keywords. You can also join Groups of your interest within Scribd and publicize your blog or site. After login at Scribd click on the Groups link at the top.Scribd also gives Traffic analysis of your document by clicking the link at the bottom of the sidebar.

A background picture for your blog makes your blog serves as a type of branding for your blog.The blog looks more impressive if different background is set for each post.

Jus follow the steps to have different background for each post.

1. Login at

2. Click on Settings link on the Dashboard.

3. Click on the Formatting subtab of the Settings tab.

4. Scroll down in the Formatting tab to the Post Template at the bottom.

5. Paste this code at the top of the box :

<div style="background:url(LINK_OF_PICTURE) no-repeat;">

and paste this code at the bottom of the box :


6. Save Settings.

7. Click on Posting tab at the top.

8. The Post Editor will open with the code already in it. (The code will be visible if you select the 'edit html' tab.)

9. Replace 'LINK_OF_PICTURE' with actual link of the picture you uploaded or link of the picture already in a webpage. If you do not want the picture to repeat delete the "no-repeat" in the code line.

Type in your post before the </div> tag at the bottom, and publish. You are DONE .. !! ..

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