-Changing page orientation : In Word’s default settings, the width of pages is shorter than the length. To change this, Go to Page Setup –> Orientation, select the Landscape icon. You are done. You can even have Customized size from the Size box.

-Printing selected portions of document : Sometimes you would like to print certain portions of a document. To do this, first select the portion of the document you want a print out of. Go to the Office button –> Print. In the dialog box, check the Selection box. You can also define the Page range.

-Subscripts and Superscripts : To apply Subscript formatting to text in a Word document, press Control + Equal Sign. To apply Superscript formatting, press Control + Shift + Plus Sign.

-Checking the Thesaurus : Sometimes while writing your document, you need a synonym for a word, and might have no time to log on to the Internet. Word has its own built-in thesaurus. To access it, select the word for which you need a synonym and press Shift-F7.


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