This is actually another way to browse the Internet while fooling your boss and make him think that you are actually typing some work related documents with Microsoft Word.

Actually, you don’t need to have or run the real Microsoft Word program. All you need is to open the WorkFriendly website "" using your favorite web browser. The site looks very simple but never underestimates the joy that it brings. Enter the website address that you are trying to disguise as a Microsoft Word document, for example: this website and press the “Is this good for the company!” button.
A Microsoft Office look-alike window will pop up showing the must-subscribe-to-this-website. From afar, your boss will never know that you are actually browsing the Internet! The only
disadvantage is that the website will be missing some of its original images.

If your boss comes a little bit closer, move your mouse to the “Boss Key” on top left. A document with a “how to combat procrastination” content will quickly cover what you are currently browsing.

You can get back to the website that you are visiting by moving your mouse back to the “Read” button on top left.


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