Looking for a way to get into Safe Mode for Windows? If you’re not able to boot your computer normally, you have to enter safe mode, a diagnostic mode for Windows where you can troubleshoot problems that prevent normal booting.

In Safe Mode, Windows only loads the most essential services and drivers in order for it to run. All other normal Windows settings and start up programs are stopped in order to allow the user to fix the problem with their computer.
that if you installed a driver or just recently made a configuration change to your computer, you may want to try the “Last Known Good Configuration” before going into safe mode.

Last Known Good Configuration loads the last working version of Windows. However, if it replaced each time you log into the computer, so if a problem has occurred, make sure to try this option BEFORE logging into the computer again.

Also note that there are 3 types of Safe Mode, so read the descriptions below to figure out which one is best for you.

Safe Mode - The basic option that loads Windows with a GUI interface and is usually what most people should choose when troubleshooting their computer.

Safe Mode with Networking - If you need access to the Internet or the network while in Safe mode, then this is the option to choose. This mode is useful when you need to fix a problem that requires an Internet connection so you can get updates, drivers, or other files to help fix your problem.

Safe Mode with Command Prompt - This mode will load with just the MS DOS command line prompt. Useful if you need to run a DOS command like fixboot or chkdsk.
How to get into Safe Mode in Windows 2000/XP/Vista

To get into the Safe Mode in Windows 2000 / XP / Vista, re-boot the computer and then press and hold the “F8 Key” which will then bring up the “Windows Advanced Options Menu“. Scroll down to “Safe Mode” using the arrow keys and press Enter.

Note that sometimes if you press and hold the F8 key, some computers will start to beep annoyingly, so in that case, simply tap the F8 continuously during the boot up period.

If you are still not able to get into Safe Mode, you can try to kill the power on the computer to turn it off and then turn it back on. If Windows shuts down unexpectedly, it will usually bring up the Advanced Boot Options menu automatically.

Now you can hopefully fix the problem with your computer! You can get out of safe mode by just restarting the computer. If you’re in the command prompt, you can exit safe mode by typing in Exit.


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