MS Word lets you create a table with rows and columns just by typing.

1. Open a Word document.

2. Start typing a row with a single "Plus" (+) sign followed by a string of "Minus" (-) signs.
Now type a single "Plus" sign followed by "Minus" signs. Continue in the same sequence.
Make sure the last character is a Plus sign.
It should look like the figure shown below.

3. Press Enter and Word will create a table with a single row (figure below)

4. To create additional rows, go to the last column (use Tab key to jump to the next columns) and Press the Tab key.
An easy way is to just Press and Hold the Tab key.
You can always Undo (Ctrl + Z) to reduce rows or come back.

Note: If this tip dosen't work...
Go to Tools >> AutoCorrect Options
Click the AutoFormat as You Type tab and check the Tables checkbox. Try again..


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