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Deus Ex Machine :Deus Ex Machine watch mobile is just plain specced up to the nines.

First the disappointment. It's not 3G.but it is tri-band with WAP support, so if you want data really badly, it is there. Otherwise, prepare to be happy. It plays MP3s, WMA, WAV and AMR. It supports MPEG4 and AVI as well as recording video in those formats at 128x104 resolution.
Naturally, there's a stills camera too which captures up to 640x480 and holds a host of effects from night mode to rapid shooting and a series of colour filters.

It has all the features of a normal mobile including Bluetooth connectivity and headset, a USB port, microSD card memory - expandable up to 2GB - and you'll be able to talk or play music for 150 minutes before the battery goes flat.

I/O Concept watch :

I/O concept aims to change that perspective (assuming it actually takes off), featuring a cuff bracelet design complete with a hidden digital clock that lights up only when you need to tell the time, making this more of a fashion accessory that tells the time instead of a good looking watch. All you need to do is touch the dot whenever you want to check on the time.

Polar FT80Polar FT80 Fitness Training Computer Watch The Polar FT80 looks very high-tech and it actually is. Polar offers with the FT80 an Intelligent training computer that work toward achieving your exercise goals in other ways.

Cell phone watch :

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Gyrotourbillon :

The three-dimensional motion of the spherical tourbillon fascinates observers by the exceptional speed of rotation of its two carriages. The spherical tourbillon comprises an inner carriage that performs a full rotation in 18.75 seconds, while the outer aluminum carriage completes a more common 60-second rotation.

Phone watch :
Citizen VIRT: The World's First Bluetooth Watch Features :

Pairing with your Bluetooth mobile phone.
Caller ID of incoming calls.
Dropped link alert. If you phone is too far away from you, your watch warns you that the link has been dropped so you don't end up leaving home without your phoneAlarmOLED display

C1 Tourbillon Watch :

It is integrated with real old technology: a tourbillon escapement. Invented in 1795, this type of escapement actually rotates inside its frame and was designed to counteract lop-sided gravity effects caused by the vertical position gentlemen's pocket watches usually sat in. Concord's C1 mechanical watch has this movement mounted outside the case and dial, and presumably it adds to time accuracy.

The Jacob & Co. Quenttin Watch


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