Rip (Remove it Permanently) is a firefox addon that provides the ability to point at and remove permanently any item you can select on a webpage. It provide a flexible and easily configurable solution to removing unwanted content from a web page.Elements can be pretty much anything from headers, images, advertisement, forms to flash content.

Two new right-click entries appear after installing the add-on for Firefox,. The first entry, Remove This Permanently, removes the selected element from the current page. If you remove the Google logo from a search it will still appear on a different search. This method is pretty good for quickly removing elements on a website that you visit regularly and that does not have changing addresses.

The second entry Rip Advanced offers advanced features that make it possible to remove elements from a single page, all similar pages, the website and the full domain. That’s not all however. You can also remove all similar items in one go, remove the parent element, all parent elements, all frames and Google Adsense.

Click here to download the Mozilla plugin


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