Windows media player 11 can be downloaded directly from Microsoft without any WGA validation check and test on Windows OS. But, during installation of WMPlayer 11, there is still Windows Genuine Advantage Validation check required on Windows OS that you plan to install WMP11. If you unable to pass the validation verification, the following trick helps to bypass the validation verification.

If the media player 11 is already installed in your system, go to step2

1 - Go to the old windows media player (WM10), go to Tools–>Options and click on ‘Check for updates once a day.’ Press Apply and then OK.

After a short time a window appears asking if you want to upgrade to a newer version, click OK. System will download WM11 and and install the Media Player 11. After installation restart your PC.

2 - Click on Start –> Search. Click ‘All files and folders’ then search for LegitLibM.dll. (it’s located in C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player folder.)

After LegitLibM.dll is found, right click and rename it to legitlib.dll.

3 - Run WM11, click on validate, it may say ‘unable to validate’ (but that’s a fake message and WMP11 still works, so just click on OK). Then the program will go on to settings or configuration and after you do that, the WMP 11 is ready to be used.


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