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You can do a lot more than search the web with Google nowadays, from reading newspapers in languages you don't speak to seeing the natural habitat of Komodo dragons.
Discover something new to do with Google today....

1-Browse the classics without opening a book

With Google Book Search, you can flick through books from the comfort of your home computer.

2-Never wake up your Australian relatives at 3am again

Use Google Search to make sure you don't rudely awaken anyone the next time you make a call. Type 'time' followed by the location, and midnight disruptions will be a thing of the past.

3-Convert £ to Yuan instantly

Going someplace nice? Type the currency you want to convert into the search box to find out how much it's worth in another currency. Note that rates provided are for information only

4-See the Cerne Giant in your bedroom

Visit some of the world's most famous and unusual places on Google Earth. You can search for places you know or visit the Google Earth KML directory to make new discoveries. *Download required.
Download Google Earth

5-Automatically save every draft of your wedding list/seating plan

Google Docs automatically saves every version of your document so you never have to worry about losing a valuable draft again.
Try Google Docs

6-Flight arrival and departure times in real time

With Google Search, you can enter a flight number and get updated information on when the flight is arriving or departing.

7-Say 'I don't speak Italian', in Italian

With Google Translate, type the word or phrase you want to translate and select your languages to receive your translation. Please note that Translate is only available in some language pairs. We're adding more as fast as we can.

8-Are you big in Uzbekistan?

With YouTube Insights, you can find out what countries your viewers are from and also get additional information like viewer demographics.
Go to YouTube

9-Settle trivia disputes in the pub

Settle a bet in the pub with Google Search on your mobile. Access all the information on the web without needing to be in front of your computer. Go to Google search on your mobile by typing into your mobile phone browser

10-Watch your favourite YouTube clips in high-resolution

If you have a fast internet connection, you can change the setting in your YouTube account to always play videos in high definition when available.
Go to YouTube

11-Stargaze on a bright sunny day, or on a cloudy afternoon

Amateur astronomers rejoice. With the Sky feature in Google Earth, you can stargaze at any time of day or night. View everything from supernovas to entire constellations, complete with information on what you're looking at.
Download Google Earth

12-Get directions when you're on the move

Taken a wrong turn? Use the My Location feature of Google Maps on your mobile to figure out approximately where you are. No GPS required. It's also handy if you want to get directions from your current spot without typing in the address. *Download required. *Available for most web-enabled mobile phones, including Java, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Nokia/Symbian devices.
Download Google Maps for Mobile

13-Find out who's free for lunch without asking

Struggling to figure out when everyone's free for a get together? With Google Calendar, you can add the calendars of friends, family and colleagues to your own calendar, and your only problem will be agreeing on a restaurant.
Try Google Calendar

14-Keep your family videos in the family

Keep family videos private by using the privacy setting on YouTube videos.That way, only the people you want to see your videos are able to.
Go to YouTube

15-Know not only when the FTSE moves, but why

Stock prices go up and down. Google Finance pairs financial charts with related news of the day. So you can see what happened and why, when you're reviewing your portfolio.
Try Google Finance

16-Find local cinema times

Get big-screen showtimes on your little screen. Type the movie you want to see and your postcode into the search box to get current times and locations. If you need ideas on what to see, you can type the word 'film' and your location to see what movies are playing in your area.

17-Make your homepage YOUR homepage

Personalise your homepage by adding your favourite content to iGoogle. If you want to give it an extra special something, you can also add designs by well-known artists.
Try iGoogle

18-Inspiration, insight or information for your essay, dissertation or thesis

Begin your research with Google Scholar. Search hundreds of different journals, universities, books and other sources from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

19-Turn your email into a conversation

Instead of emailing back and forth, you can reply to an email by chat instead with Google Mail. Your conversations are automatically saved, so you can revisit them just like email.
Go to Google Mail

20-Show your kid where the Komodo dragon lives

To see where the endangered species of the world live, use Google Earth's ARKive layer to display their locations and important facts about them. *Download required.
Download Google Earth

21-Go back to work without going back to the office

Never be without that important file again. With Google Docs, all your documents are saved online. So no matter what computer you're using, or where in the world you are, you can pick up where you left off.
Try Google Docs

22-What Coleridge actually wrote was…

To avoid misquoting the greats of literature, use Google Book Search to check those famous lines, word for word.

23-Have your daily schedule sent to you every morning

Stay on top of your schedule by setting up Google Calendar to email your agenda to you every morning. You can also set up text reminders to your mobile phone.
Try Google Calendar

24-Map out the local sights for visiting friends

With My Maps, you can add your own information to a Google Map, such as descriptions and photos, and share it in an email, instant message, or on a web page. It's a great way to help out-of-town guests find their way, show a favorite route to your running club, or plan your next family road trip.
Go to Google Maps

25-Share your YouTube favorites on the bus

Liven up your commute with YouTube on your mobile. Search for videos, browse categories or sign in to your account to view your own videos or favourites. Go to YouTube on your mobile by typing into your mobile phone browser

26-Get the latest weather forecast for Hyderabad, or anywhere else on Earth

Taking a trip or going for a stroll? Find out the weather before heading out by typing 'weather' and the location into the Google search box.

27-Search the web Elmer Fudd style

Feewing Wucky? Google Search Preferences lets you choose the language you want to see when you use Google. In addition to many of the world's popular languages, you'll find a few fun ones, like Elmer Fudd and Pig Latin.
Go to Google Search Preferences

28-Fill in web forms with one click

Chances are you've entered your personal details on websites more times than you can count. With Google Toolbar's AutoFill feature, you can enter all of that information once, and the next time you encounter a web form, just click the AutoFill button and your information will be entered automatically.
Download Google Toolbar

29-Add comments directly into your videos

With YouTube annotations, you can add speech bubbles, comments or spotlight a particular section of your video to make sure your audience gets your message. For more information, visit
Go to YouTube

30-Star or label important emails for easy reference

Google Mail makes it easy to locate important messages in more ways than one. Star or label your messages so you'll be able to easily find them again.
Go to Google Mail

31-See tomorrow's storm coming a thousand miles off

Try your hand at weather forecasting by using the weather layer in Google Earth to see when the next storm is coming. *Download required.
Download Google Earth

32-Multiply 27,334.56 by 21.3 without a calculator

Use the built-in calculator in Google search to solve maths problems, as well as units of measure, conversions, and physical constants. For the full range of possibilities, visit our instructions page:

33-Tart up your holiday snaps before sending them out to mates

Make your next holiday slideshow for your dinner guests more interesting. Use Picasa to turn your images into black & white or sepia, or add captions and visual effects. *Download required
Download Picasa

34-Read a newspaper written in a language you don't speak

Browse a foreign website by entering the URL into Google Translate to convert it into the language of your choice. Please note that Translate is only available in some language pairs. We're adding more as fast as we can.
Try Google Translate

35-Learn a new skill in a minute

Watch instructional videos on YouTube to learn new skills, from badminton to the piano. Search for the topics you're interested in or browse the 'How-to & Style' section.
Go to YouTube

36-You are here. The pub you want is there

Use the My Location feature of Google Maps for Mobile to figure out approximately where you are. No GPS required. Once you know where you are, you can also search for nearby places to go. *Download required. *Available for most web-enabled mobile phones, including Java, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Nokia/Symbian devices.
Download Google Maps for Mobile

37-Work on the same document from four corners of the Earth

With Google Docs, people can work on the same document at the same time, without sending attachments back and forth, or merging changes.
Try Google Docs

38-Know when to take the high road or the low road

Customise your route with Google Maps. Use features like the 'avoid highways' option to tailor your directions.
Go to Google Maps

39-Make yourself feel better - convert your weight from pounds to kilos

Use the built-in calculator in Google search to convert your measurements. For more possibilities, go to

40-Translate your website into 13 languages with a single line of code

No hablo Espanol? No problem. Add the Google Translate gadget to your website, and visitors can view a translation of your site by choosing their language from a list. Please note that Translate is only available in some language pairs. We're adding more as fast as we can.
Try Google Translate

41-Glam up your YouTube channel

Give your YouTube channel the red carpet treatment it deserves. Pick a new colour combination, add a border, or include your own background images.
Go to YouTube

42-Find the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything


You could meditate under a waterfall for the answer to life. Or try typing it into Google Search and see what you get.

43-Find the email in the haystack

Tired of trawling through 1,932 important emails to find the really important one? Google Mail automatically groups email replies in a single thread, and you also can search by name or keyword to find what you're looking for.
Go to Google Mail

44-DJ at your friend's party...take your playlist with you

Leave your record bags at home and take your laptop to play a set at your mate's party. YouTube's QuickList feature allows you to add videos to your playlist with just one click.
Go to YouTube

45-See the effects of climate change for yourself

Add KML files to Google Earth to see a variety of information geographically displayed, such as the predicted effects of climate change or what country an unusual species calls home. *Download required.
Download Google Earth

46-Survey your mates to conclusively agree on the best film of all time

Settle a friendly debate amongst your friends by using Google Docs to create a survey. Email it to your friends and Google Docs will automatically update with their responses.
Try Google Docs

47-Be famous for 15 seconds, minutes or days

Could you be the next YouTube star? Upload your latest video and spread the word.
Go to YouTube

48-Travel as the crow flies, or go right around the houses

If you prefer the scenic route, use the draggable route feature in Google Maps to change your course and your directions will automatically update to reflect your changes.
Go to Google Maps

49-Work on your online documents even when you're offline

With the offline feature of Google Docs, you can work on your documents on a plane, at the beach, or in a land far away. Your changes will be automatically saved online the next time you sign in. *Download required
Try Google Docs

50-Love this video? Don't miss the sequel

Make sure you're in the know when the latest videos are released by your favourite YouTube stars. By subscribing to their channels, you'll receive an update as soon as they add new videos.
Go to YouTube

51-Preserve instant message conversations

Google Mail automatically saves all your instant messages, so you can refer to them later on. Of course, there are some you may not want to keep around. In those cases, simply take the conversation Off The Record, and it won't be saved.
Go to Google Mail

52-Add a YouTube player to your website


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