How many browsers are out there and do all these browsers show you the same exact site that you had created down to the very pixel?? ..!!

Not everyone in the world uses the same browser you use.Your website may not compatible with all the browsers in this webworld and Your site may contains which are unknown to you!! .. then dont worry!!

Fortunately there are a few websites that are on the web that can help you determine if your website is truly compatible with every browser and showing the errors in your site ... !!

“Browser Shots” is the site which runs on nearly 50 servers with each running a different browser of your site and sending you a snapshot of it.It shows you if there are any quirks in your coding or CSS that you can improve on.

"Markup Validation" service is the site that takes the website URL you submit to it and it will return to you with the specific tag and line that is causing the error.This will definitely save time for you and find the errors not visible to your mind.


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