DontClick.It - Resist your mouse clicks...

Everyday we navigate through many web pages in the web using our mouse only.We click links and navigate the pointers in the web page through mouse clicks only.Its impossible to navigate a webpage without using mouse clicks.
But alex wants to have something speacial on his site DontClick.It. He developed his site such that we can give rest to our hands from clicks.

DontClick.It is a website specially designed to immerse visitors into a world that doesn’t require them to click on anything to navigate its content.

If ever you accidentally got the urge to click your mouse button, you would be interrupted and be warned with the rules. Nope, it wouldn’t electrocute you or anything. Just try to get through the whole page without clicking.

The said website isn’t just to entertain visitors, it is also used for research purposes.The website records the first actions of visitors for over 20 minutes and a number of surveys to ascertain how dependent internet users are with clicking and if they are ready for a world without clicking.


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