- Open your instant messenger (Gtalk,Yahoo,MSN) and add service@gtalk2voip.com to your buddy/contact list.After adding you can see service@gtalk2voip.com appears to be online.
- Now IM HELP and you will get a list of available commands.if you are lazy then directly IM RADIO command to service@gtalk2voip.com and you will get the list of free radio stations.
- As you get the list of available radio station,just IM RADIO NUMBER (Ex – RADIO 202)
- A automatically generated IM appears on the screen - Please, accept call from gtalk2voip.Just accept the call and you can listen to radio for free.
- Add to your contact list NUMBER@radio.gtalk2voip.com (works with Google Talk).
Ex. 202@radio.gtalk2voip.com Just press Call button to connect to the radio station and you will get live online Internet radio.


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