The disposable or temporary e-mail service providers provide you with e-mail addresses that expire after few hours or minutes after creating them. Using these e-mail addresses, you can perform sign-ups for not so important registrations which require e-mail address verification. When your verification is done, you can simply discard that e-mail address.

This will help you fight spam as many sites may share your personal data with their sponsors to send you promotional e-mails etc. which are quite annoying when they arrive in your primary mailbox.

The following are some of the services which provide temporary e-mail addresses that you can easily throw away when your work is done.

Mint Email:

MintEmail provides automatically generated e-mail address for four hours. The benefit of this service is that it automatically checks for new mail using AJAX and it can automatically click on verification links sent in e-mail. You can also use MintEmail to forward all mails sent to temporary adress to your primary e-mail. For that, you need to provide your primary e-mail address along with duration you want to keep your temporary e-mail address.


PookMail provides disposable email for 24 hours and it lets you enter your required username for temporary email. You can check for new email by subscribing to RSS feed for your email address.


GuerrillaMail has been our all time favorite. It provides e-mail address for 15 minutes and e-mail address is randomly generated. You can request more time if you need, in case 15 minutes are less. Once you’re done, you can just close the browser window and your temporary e-mail address is gone.


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