Here's a hack you can use to filter Google search results to limit them to a certain time frame.

- Go to Google and perform the search you want to do.

- Once you get your results, go up to the address bar and add the following to the end of the URL there: &as_qdr=d

If you do that, you'll get back your previous search results, but filtered to limit them to the last day. Also, once you do this, you'll get a pull-down menu to the right of your search term that allows you to select other time frames.

You can also adjust the URL to get any time frame you want, you are not limited to those in the pull-down menu. To get other time frames, edit the URL parameter that you entered before by adding a number after the d to get results over that many days. You can also use w for weeks, m for months, and y for years. So some example URLs would be:

...&as_qdr=d3... results from the last 3 days
...&as_qdr=w2... results from the last 2 weeks
...&as_qdr=m4... results from the last 4 months
...&as_qdr=y6... results from the last 6 years


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