If you hate always having to adjust your Num Lock, Scroll Lock and Caps Lock buttons when you boot your computer, there is a registry edit that allows you to define the default state of these locks when you computer boots up. To edit this value do the following.

1 - Open the Registry Editor (go to Start -> Run, type regedit then hit Enter).

2 - In the left pane, navigate to HKEY_USERS -> .DEFAULT -> Control Panel -> Keyboard

3 - You'll see an entry on the right called InitialKeyboardIndicators. The "usual" default value is 0. Double click on this entry and change the value to something between 0 and 7 where each value has the following behavior:

0 = All Locks unset
1 = Caps Lock on
2 = Num Lock on
3 = Caps Lock and Num Lock on
4 = Scroll Lock on
5 = Caps Lock and Scroll Lock on
6 = Num Lock and Scroll Lock on
7 = All Locks on

Once you are done editing, close the editor and reboot. Then be amazed at how when your computer comes on, the Lock keys will be set to your liking.


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