In Microsoft Word, lists of items or important points of a specific topic are presented in the documents in a prominent way by applying default bullets and numbering. By default, word provides only few built-in bullets and numbers to prominent your important points. But if you wish to use your name or any favorite word as a bullet then you can modify the default bullets lists.

Follow the steps..

- Open MSWord and go to Format menu and click on Bullets and Numbering option.

- Here a small dialog will appear with title "Bullets and Numbering", now click on one of the number formats that you are not using in the document and click on Customize button.

- In the number format box, type your favorite text (in this case, we are using Tony, Google and MSN as bullets, you can set a different font if you like, or the underlying paragraph font will be used).

- You can enter 30 characters in the box which should be sufficient for most of the uses to which this is likely to be put.


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