1.) Keyboard Navigation

Do you get sick of moving your arm to get ahold of the mouse just so you can click on a different tab in Firefox? Well, I sure do! Luckily, the same thing can be done using keyboard shortcuts. By using Ctrl + Tab, you can move through all of the open tabs from left to right. If you want to go directly to a tab, all you have to do is press Ctrl + the number of the tab you want from the left. For example, hit Ctrl + 2 for the second tab from the left.

2.) Delete a URL

Ever find yourself at a loss when you want to delete the address of a particular Web site from your history? Well, you know you can open the history sidebar and delete everything, but what if you also want to delete it from the drop down menu on the address bar? Well, all you have to do to delete an address from the address bar menu is highlight it and press Delete.

3.) Download Page Media

Let's say you visit a Web page and you want to download a certain embedded component, such as a Shockwave file, an image or an animation. What do you do? Well, let’s also say that the page is protected and it doesn’t even let you right click anywhere. How would you be able to download anything from that page then? For this, just go to Tools, Page Info. That should open up a new dialogue box. In that box, click on the tab that says Media.

You will see a list of available media on a particular page. Click on one of them and you will be able to preview it in the link list. Click on your desired file and go to Save As. That will allow you to save a media file from that particular Web page!

4.) Get More Screen Space

To free up more space on your screen, you can make your icons smaller. To do that, just go to View, Toolbars, Customize. You will then see a little checkbox that says Use Small Icons. Checkmark that

5.) Instant Search

To search for any text on a particular Web page, you probably usually use Ctrl + F, right? Well, now you can do that even faster by pressing the "forward slash" key (it's the same one as the question mark key) on your keyboard. That will highlight the Quickfind window. So, to recap, you press the forward slash key, which activates the window, and you type in the text you want to search for.


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    I'm not a fan of Firefox.
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