This trick works for the NTFS file format only...

Encrypt the required folder

This works only for folders.To make any file only accessible to us, simple encrypt the folder.

1. Right click on the folder and go to its properties.
2. Click on Advanced, and check "Encrypt content to secure data".
3. Apply the settings.
4. When asked to confirm attribute changes for folders, select "Apply changes to this folder, subfolders, and files" and click ok.
5. The folder's font color will change to Green to indicate the changes have been made.
6. Now, no one can use (open, rename, delete etc.) files in that folder except you.

TRICK 2: Disable access to required files or folder

This works for both files and folders.In this trick, we simply set that the needed files or folder should only be usable (open, rename, delete etc.) by us and not by anyone else even the system.

1. First, turn off Simple File Sharing. To do so, Go to My Computer->Tools->Folder Options.
2. Select the "View" tab. Scroll down and uncheck "Use simple file sharing" and click Ok.
3. Now, Right click on the needed file or folder and go to its properties.
4. Select the "Security" tab.
5. Now, remove all the users from the list except you by selecting them from the list and clicking "Remove".
6. Apply the settings.
7. Turn on Simple File Sharing.


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