Office Excel allows you to get live data from the web and do all the other calculations without any unnecessary distractions from the web.At regular intervals it updates all the data and the calculations you have done.

How to get the live date from the web in Excel 2007 :

- Go to Data tab and click From Web under Get External Data. (There is an advanced web query plugin for Excel 2007 which makes this feature much easier) In the new Web Query box, enter the website from where you want to get the data.
e.g :looking at the top 20 companies from the Technology sector.

- Click the yellow arrow near the table that you want to select, it will turn green with a check mark and click Import at the bottom.

- Choose in which cell you want to place the table or choose a new worksheet.

You will have the live data in your spreadsheet now.

You can set it to update in a regular frequency.

You can manually refresh or update the data using the Refresh button or using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + F5.
You can set the time at which the data should be automatically updated. Click any of the cell which is retrieved from the web and click Properties from Data tab under Connections. Under Refresh Control, you can mention how frequently you want to update the live data.


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